• Scott G Gilbert


I always look forward to what they come up with at the World Chess Hall of Fame for the giant chess piece out front. This year we get Santa!

In case you were wondering... the piece is approximately 45 times the size of a standard king, stands 14’ 7” tall, and the base measures 6’ in diameter. If a board was built to proportional size, it would be 72’ x 72’ with 9’ squares.

The board could hold: · 82,944 baseballs: just under 3” diameter · 392 bath tubs: 5’ x 2.5’ · 18 average size swimming pools: 24’ × 12’ · Nine school buses: 40’ x 8’

Compare: · Professional basketball hoop (10 feet) · An average female giraffe (14 feet) · The Statue of Liberty’s fingernail (13 feet) · The piece would not fit under most overpasses in Saint Louis (standard city underpass is 14 feet

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