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Getting Your Place Ready to Sell

  Below are some of the basics that often get overlooked

when it comes time for us to list and sell your place. 


Buyers are fickle and and they can fall in — or out — of love with a home for any number of reasons so incorporate some of these recommendations from your neighborhood expersts to help your house stand out and sell fast! 

1. Lighting is Important

Swap out your bright white light bulbs for a soft and flattering wattage that invokes a cozy and welcoming feel - plus hides any tiny imperfections. Opt for the new LED bulbs that emit yellow-toned and red-toned hues.


2. Wash the Windows

Have your windows professionally washed, or devote an afternoon to washing them yourself from both inside and out. Believe it or not newspaper is a great tool for cleaning windows as it absorbs the cleaner and grim. 


Even on gray days, clean windows will let in more light and make your rooms sparkle — and buyers will definitely notice if it isn’t done.


3. Magic Eraser is Awesome!

Small details can make your home look unappealing without you even realizing it. Freshen up rooms with new switch plates and outlet covers if yours are grubby from fingerprints or yellowed from aging. Polish handles and hardware and use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to remove minor spots and scuffs on walls.


4. Add a Doormat

Even if you are selling a Condo - Invest in a new doormat and take the time to scrub down your front door since it’s probably covered with dust, dirt, and oils. If you are really a go-getter then repaint it and add some new house numbers and a new porch light.


5. Flowers Sell 

Take a look at your landscaping - if the bushes, grass, & trees need a trim - get it done.  Then have some seasonal flowers out front or in a condo / townhome on the balcony, deck, or patio. Then inside - don't use flowers unless you are committed to keeping them looking good and / or replacing them.  A simple green plants (perhaps a succulent) always make a place feel more homey. 


6. Paint is Cheap 

We all like expressing our personalities a bit - but you are selling the place!

Neutralize the paint in the home - you don't have to go straight to beige - light greys are very popular right now. Then think about painting two adjacent rooms the same color to give the appearance of an open floor plan. 


7. Brighten Up the Trim

Walls aren’t the only things that need a fresh coat of paint. Dingy door and window frames will get noticed by a discerning buyer or their agent. We have a lot of historic homes with original wood so debate this one a bit - but repainting wood-toned trim white will also make your space brighter.


8. Neutralize Scents

Don't over spray room deodorant or light a candle just before the showing - it only makes the buyer and agent think you have something to hide. Avoid cooking at the house while you are listed and make it a point to clean every morning. It is no fun - but you want to present the best impression. Also key things to watch out for are pet and smoke odors - and you might have to consult your agent for a professional to employ. 

Also definitely remove any pets before showings - you want them to really look at the house and not any pets.  I know cats can be difficult - but even if you can't remove them - be sure to clean that litter box.


9. Make it Bigger

Eliminate some furniture and take down heavy and dark drapes.  Open all the blinds before showings. Here are some visual tricks to try...  a striped rug to make your floor seem more expansive, or replace heavy-dark shower curtains with a clear one to help open up the bathroom space. 


10. Organize That Closet

This is one place where you really need to consider a large donation or a charity or finding alternative storage. Get rid of as many shoes & clothes as possible and then organize them by color / type.  Take a trip to Ikea or Target and buy some portable organize units - that way you can take them with you to your new home!


11. Pay Attention to Laundry 

Whether it’s a separate room, closet, or a corner of your basement, make your laundry area look welcoming by adding a folding surface, bins, and baskets for storage, and perhaps even a colorful rug or lamp - we all spend plenty of time doing laundry.


12. If You Have a Garage - Flaunt It

Garages can be a premium in the area. So organize and clean out the garage - the less you have to move the better! Perhaps install overhead or wall shelves to store bikes and sporting equipment or create a workshop area in one corner — show buyers it’s more than just a place to park cars.


13. People are Nosey

A good agent will end-run some of these actions but keep in mind buyers just might open your fridge and kitchen cabinets - even peek in your medicine cabinet, and check under your sinks. Any jewelry and prescription medications should be removed from the premises. Have a to-go bag handy or find a friend or relative willing to help you store. 

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