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DeBaliviere Place has a great variety of homes.

Great Things Happening in DeBaliviere Place
DeBalivere Place is the western end of the Central West End. Similarly, a dense, urban area - very walkable - tree-lined streets - all close to Euclid Avenue and Forest Park. This area, just to the north of Forest Park, has historic high-rises like the Randolph, Westmoreland, Congress & Senate Buildings (now combined as 275 On The Park & The Annex at 275), as well as numerous condos (former spacious apartments) built just after the 1904 World's Fair, plus today there is a huge boom of growth with new construction. 

There is definitely new engery with contemporaty luxury buildings, new retail & amenities, and finally a true transit-orientated development (TOD) overlooking the Forest Park-DeBaliviere Transit Station. Within the span of a few years the area is being filled with 750+ new-luxury apartments with new retail, grocery store, and more restaurants to follow = approximately 100 million in new development. 

All this new development means there is some great potential upswing for those who own condos in the neighborhood... most often historical buildings filled with character and right-sized for getting to know your neighbors... 

Some of my favorite clients have bought in - and still love living in DeBaliviere Place. Happy to help with Current Listings | Showings | General Tours.
Ready to Check Out DeBaliviere Place - Just let me know!  Scott

DeBaliviere Place is located in the Central Corridor of St Louis -traditional -tree covered -pedestrian neighborhood bordered by Forest Park, BJC, Cortex, Washington University Medical School, SLU + filled with restaurants, sidewalk cafes, bars & shops. 

Check Out LINKS for Transportation, Employers, The Zoo +  Forest Park, Gyms & More

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