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Condo Living in the Central West End

Pool Area at the Dorris Lofts
Chase Park Plaza Amenities Deck
Patio at the Crown Lofts

Many of the homes in the CWE are condos and some are even Coops where you buy shares entitling you to live in part of the building.  Some area "complexes" are made up of single family townhomes but run more like a condo using a Planned Unit Development (PUD).  

The key to condo living in the Central West End is that it gives you some great advantages, including shared amenities and expenses while often providing the advantages of a home in a great location for restaurants, shops, transportation, and more!

The Condo Price Advantage

Don't pay the mortgage for a landlord... Monthly rental payments of a similar apartment can come at a similar price so take advantage of the mortgage deduction + the potential to grow your investment via increased values.

Simplicity of Expenses

The traditional condo set up is that the Sewer, Water, & Trash are paid for via the monthly condo fee + you should see that such things as Landscaping and Snow removal are part of the fee as well.  Much simpler than setting up the services individually. But some condo associations are now coordinating amenities such as Cable TV and Internet - thus amenities + additional convenience. 

Not Responsible Individually for Outdoor Repairs

Roof is leaking, sidewalks are cracked, fence replacement, dead landscaping & good old painting are all covered by the condo association in the traditional set up.  Less to worry about and more time to enjoy the neighborhood. 

Condo Amenities: From Pools to Secured Parking

Share the cost and the enjoyment of community amenities -often including a pool, gym, community room, patio\terrace, and barbecues.  Most units will come with at least one off-street parking space either in a secured lot, carport, or a parking garage. No move worrying about parking tickets at meters or more street cleaning days! 

Community Living

Participate as much or as little as you want in the condo community - often there are book clubs, gardening groups, and dinner clubs formed in the different condo complexes. But the key is that you get the advantage of when neighbors recognize and look out for each other.

Condo Security

Consider the extra layer of security when living in a condo community. Many buildings have secured doors, cameras, and some even have doormen to keep unwanted guest from making it to your front door.

Keep In Mind

Many folks find condo living a time saver and great convenience.  Let the association take care of the little things while you enjoy life. But when looking at a condo - look at the organization of the management as well. Some smaller complexes are self-managed with the resulting additional responsibilities to the residents while others are professionally managed with the cost of such management adding to the condo fee. 


My best advice is to ask a lot of questions and moreover to attend all condo meetings in person and be prepared to participate on the condo board at one point at least - a great way to really understand the association structure and even better, have more input on key decisions. 

To Start Your Search for a Condo in the CWE... CLICK HERE   

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