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  • Scott G Gilbert

Vegetables With a View of The Arch

Many foodies are looking forward to restaurateurs Michael & Tara Gallina's restaurant - Vicia. Described as a "vegetable forward" concept with many locally sourced ingredients - the restaurant will serve double duty... a fast-casual service for the Cortex lunch crowd and then higher-end dining at night.

I am equally excited about the build-out & location. Located in the TechShop Building in Cortex at Duncan & Boyle will feature 2,500 SF of space with an open dining area, an antique oak bar and then an enclosed outdoor dining space overlooking cortex commons.

Right now the windows are covered and the patio is a blank canvas as you can see if the pictures. The cool think I see is the potential of an Arch view from Vicia. Of course the next development of Cortex 3.0 might take the view away - but for now it is impressive!

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