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  • Scott G Gilbert

The Normal Brand - Offices in CWE?

Have checked out the local company - The Normal Brand? The concept is clothing for the average guy in the Midwest... "Embrace Life in the Middle" = their motto and they have a great bear as their logo...

Walking down Euclid - south of McPherson - I saw that they might have offices in the CWE now. That would be cool - great to have big business like BJC + small businesses like The Normal Brand in the neighborhood.

The clothes look great and comfortable - check them out:


Often referred to as fly-over land, there is something about the Midwest that I love. I believe family, faith, and friendship still matter, and these values are rooted in the Midwest.

I started this company because celebrating life in the middle is personal to me. My nine siblings and I don’t vacation at the yacht club up east, fish off the coast down south, or even think about wearing a tie with shorts. My friends. My family. We go to crystal clear lakes in northern Michigan, we tailgate in cold parking lots around the Big Ten, and we hunt in the fields and woods of the Midwest.

I grew up in a very tight family. My father and grandfather are the two sharpest dressers I know, and they taught me at a young age that what you wear matte